Compression Thigh Wrap Slimmer (back order)


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These slimming compression thigh wraps apply a massaging effect to enhance and trim your thighs. As you walk the massaging effect kneads the thighs to hide dimples, bulges, and signs of cellulite. This combination of compression and massage can increase metabolism and eliminate toxins which leads to burning more calories for an even longer and leaner appearance over time.

Unlike most slimmers the Thigh Wrap Slimmer slims your thighs without restricting your bum! Wear under your clothes and fit into those skinny jeans, cute dress or wear while working out to promote lasting slimming

  • One pair of compressive thigh wraps
  • Instantly gives thighs a slimmer appearance
  • Slims your thighs without restricting your bum!
  • Delivers a massaging action as you move
  • Helps reduce bulges, bumps, and rolls
  • May boost metabolic rate
  • Wear under your jeans or workout gear
  • Nylon/Spandex

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